Prices Lowered For The Most Popular Azure Virtual Machines

While things may have slowed down with the cloud wars, what with the regular price cuts that Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform had a couple of years back, we do get some action every now and then.

As in today, where Microsoft has just announced that it will be lowering the prices of its most popular Azure virtual machines.

Redmond call this move a highlights of its commitment to offering Azure customers the best possible prices. And as Takeshi Numoto CVP, Cloud and Enterprise outlines, the prices have been lowered by up to 50% in some cases.

Prices of General Purposes Instances, Compute Optimized Instances, and the Av2 series have seen the following revisions as part of this latest change:

  • General Purpose Instances: Prices of our Dv2 series VMs will be reduced by up to 15%. We are also lowering prices of our A1 and A2 Basic VMs by up to 50%.

  • Compute Optimized Instances: Prices of our F series will be reduced up to 11%.

  • Av2 series: In November 2016, we will introduce new A series virtual machines (Av2), with prices up to 36% lower than the A series Standard VM prices available today.

Excellent initiative, and should keep the heat on Amazon and their industry-leading AWS platform.

Complete details on these price changes, and how you or your organization can purchase Azure virtual machines are available on this official Microsoft webpage here.

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