Microsoft Unveils New Data Harvesting Tool For Enterprises

As in, the new Upgrade Analytics service that collects data from PCs, and serves it up as an aid to enterprises that are upgrading to or planning to upgrade to Windows 10.

Guess, this has to do with why Windows 7 users started getting a new patch earlier this week.

Microsoft characterizes this service as a tool that businesses can use to determine whether computers, in general or individually, are eligible for upgrading to the new operating system. The idea is to provide the enterprise customers with insights that will allow them to make quick decisions.

By evaluating application and driver readiness, and mitigating potential problems that may arise during the upgrade process.

While Upgrade Analytics extracts data from individual PCs, the service itself comes with a dashboard that provides corporate IT administrators a view on the state of their machines prior to a Windows 10 migration.

It also tallies the computers in the organization that are ready to be upgraded, as well as point out the most widely used applications, so that companies can prioritize compatibility testing on the new OS.

The announcement of Upgrade Analytics is a clear sign that Redmond wants to drive enterprise adoption of Windows 10 at a faster tempo.

That said, although Microsoft announced this tool a fair while back, it has not revealed what Upgrade Analytics would cost — if it indeed comes at a price.

Redmond has promised more information about the service at a later date.

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