Azure Information Protection Service Officially Launched

Microsoft has announced the general availability of the Azure Information Protection service. The company first unveiled this service back in June this year.

It builds upon the existing Azure Rights Management, and integrates the technology that Redmond now has after acquiring Secure Islands, a cloud security specialist company. With this new launch, Microsoft has now merged industry-leading data classification and labeling with Azure RMS.

The software titan announced the general availability of Azure Information Protection, confirming that this new technology will deliver these key capabilities:

  • Classify, label and protect data at the time of creation or modification
  • Persistent protection that travels with your data
  • Enable safe sharing with customers and partners
  • Simple, intuitive controls help users make the right decisions and stay productive
  • Visibility and control over shared data
  • Deployment and management flexibility

Details of each you can check out at the blog post linked above.

Redmond also put up this video that serves as an introduction to Azure Information Protection:

The Azure Information Protection clients are available for Office version 2010, 2013 and 2016, while supported versions of Windows include Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Microsoft also announced mobile apps for iOS and Android replace the existing RMS Sharing applications, while they will plan to start enforcing license requirements and admin rights in the Admin Portal from today.

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