Offline Licensing Comes To Windows Store For Business

Microsoft has added offline licensing to Windows Store for Business today, allowing developers access to another licensing model, and letting companies manage and deploy their apps offline.

The software titan announced this new feature for Windows Store for Business, noting that several applications are already enabled for organization-managed licensing and distribution in this repository that launched back in November 2015.

These include the Office apps, Outlook Mail and Calendar, OneDrive, TeamViewer, JT2GO from Siemens and more.

Developers now have two licensing and distribution solutions available:

Store-managed (online) is your default option, in which the Store service installs your app and issues entitlements for every user in the organization who installs the app.

Organization-managed (offline) is an optional additional choice, in which the organization can download your app binary with proper entitlements, distribute the apps using their own management tools and keep track of the number of licenses used.

Developers that want to enable offline licensing for their apps, can do so from the Windows Dev Center by creating a new submission and selecting Organizational licensing in Pricing and availability.


This can be done for both free and paid applications.

For users, apps that are distributed with offline licensing will work and update like regular applications, through IT administrators do have the option of choosing to manage the app updates on their network if they so desire.

Redmond has also put up a support page with more information on organizational licensing.

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