Firefox Will Soon Drop Support For Windows XP, Vista

We’re fast approaching that moment. Firefox was one of the few popular software programs that continued working on Windows XP beyond retirement.

Google Chrome was another, as were several antivirus solutions.

This means that users and organizations that were on this vintage version of Windows kept running it, even after Microsoft ended support of Windows XP. But luckily, software companies are now giving up support for this old OS, one by one.

It’s now Mozilla’s turn to switch focus to newer versions of the operating system.

Firefox 53 will be the first version of the browser that will no longer support Windows XP and Windows Vista, meaning users that have not moved to Windows 7 or beyond will have no option but to stick with Firefox 52 or move to a different web browser.

Mozilla silently confirmed its plans in a Bugzilla entry:

“We plan to eol XP/Vista by first moving those users out to ESR 52. Once 52 merges to aurora, we should land changes to the stand alone installer to prevent install by XP and Vista users. Initially there shouldn’t be an issue with running but eventually we’ll import a system dependency that will break browser startup.”

And although, the company has still has not provided a date for end of support for Windows XP, it does acknowledge that it is increasingly difficult to deliver new features for this old platform.

Which is why it is moving Windows XP to the ESR branch.

Should be another reason that pushes Windows XP users to finally make the move somehow to a newer version of Windows. The OS currently runs on 9% of the PCs across the world, but lack of software support could be the final catalyst that makes the user base abandon Windows XP.

And Windows Vista, too.

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